• Tom Slopek

Cowboy Hats and Your Corporate Event

Cowboy Hats

The Cowboy Hat is an important part of the Western outfit. In the past it was used for watering your horses and keeping the sun off your head. It still serves the same great purposes and there is no better way to keep the sun off your head when you are down on the tarmac taking in the rodeo. Maybe you're at a corporate networking event, well now your hat can be a billboard for your brand. Like I mentioned, no outfit is complete without one.

I want to outfit my group with Cowboy Hats, what do I need to know?

Let me start by telling you what you won't need to know: everyone's exact head size. Typically Cowboy Hats are sized in fractions, ex. 7 1/8, 7 1/4, etc. Trying to get everyone's exact head size would be a logistical nightmare. Instead we sell basic Cowboy Hats in two sizes, S/M and L/XL. An elastic band on the inside allows for a forgiving fit that can easily accommodate large groups of people with a variety of head sizes. So whether you are trying to outfit 10 people or 1000 we can make the process as painless as possible.

What if I want to add my brand to the Cowboy Hat?

The most effective way of branding a Cowboy Hat is a hat patch. These come in 2 varieties, a embroidered patch or a vinyl sticker. Either choice is an excellent way for your brand to stand out at Stampede time, whether you are taking in the rodeo or stuffing yourselves at a pancake breakfast.

So what now?

You've decided you want to proceed with ordering hats for your group, time to email me: tom@lammles.com

I will help you with the process from getting the right hats for your budget to providing artwork for your hat patches. I'm here to help.